Discover SoulToSoul, a mindful co-working space situated in the tranquil heart of Cristaland's forest. We are excited to open our doors and invite you to our unique opening event on the 27th of May

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Welcome to SoulToSoul Office, your co-working oasis nestled in the peaceful heart of Cristaland's woodlands in Lagos, Portugal. Our spaces are eco-conscious, equipped with all the essentials for a productive workday. Here, high-speed internet and comfortable seating find their place in the calming lap of nature, enabling you to work efficiently while surrounded by the soothing rhythms of the forest.

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Connect with nature

Embrace the calming and rejuvenating power of nature. Take walking breaks amidst the lush greenery, touch the bark of the trees, or meditate by the rippling stream. Absorb the serene atmosphere and allow it to inspire and fuel your work.

Conserve Energy

Be mindful of your energy usage. For instance, if your laptop battery is fully charged, unplug it. Switch off any devices not in use, make use of natural light as much as possible and only use electricity when necessary.

Stay Present

Make the most of your time at SoulToSoul by focusing on the task at hand. Engage in mindfulness exercises such as deep breathing or short meditations to anchor yourself in the present moment.

Minimize Distractions

Maintain a peaceful, focused atmosphere by minimizing potential distractions. This could mean silencing notifications on your devices, maintaining a tidy workspace, or consciously acknowledging then releasing unrelated thoughts that may arise during your work.


Embrace the power of collective intelligence. Seek out opportunities for joint problem-solving, share your ideas and insights, and be open to learning from others.

Support Each Other

Foster a supportive community by showing kindness and understanding towards your co-workers. This might involve lending a hand with challenging tasks, offering words of encouragement, or simply listening when a colleague needs to talk


What is the price for using the SoulToSoul Office?

At present, we operate on a donation-based system. We believe in making our mindful office space accessible to all, and invite our members to contribute what they feel is appropriate and feasible.

What are your operating hours?

SoulToSoul Office is open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Monday to Friday. Weekend hours may vary, so please contact us for more details.

How many spaces does SoulToSoul offer?

We're still in the early stages of our journey and gradually expanding our capacity. Currently, we can comfortably host up to five people at a time. As we grow, we aim to increase this number while ensuring that each individual continues to have ample space to work mindfully and peacefully.

What is SoulToSoul's association with Cristaland?

SoulToSoul is privileged to operate on the verdant land of Cristaland. We're endlessly grateful to Cristaland for welcoming us onto its sacred grounds and enabling us to bring our mission to life. Our core principles and daily operations align with and respect the ethos of Cristaland. We see ourselves not merely as tenants but as stewards, committed to serving, preserving, and enhancing this beautiful land. We endeavor to contribute positively to the broader Cristaland community, cherishing the symbiosis between our shared visions.


Currently, our space is open only to volunteers and guests of Cristaland. However, we're excited to announce that we'll start welcoming visitors from the broader community by the end of May. If you're interested in experiencing our unique mindful workspace, please fill out the form below.

At SoulToSoul Office, we place immense value on maintaining a harmonious, respectful, and mindful environment. If a member's behavior is found to be causing significant disruption and not aligning with our guidelines, we believe in addressing the situation through open, honest communication. We consider this an opportunity for growth and better understanding for all involved.

However, if despite our best efforts, a member continues to disrupt the workspace and compromise its sanctity, we reserve the right to discontinue their membership. We strive to cultivate a community where everyone feels comfortable, focused, and respected. Protecting this nurturing environment is of utmost importance to us, and decisions regarding membership are made with the collective well-being in mind.


At SoulToSoul, we aspire to forge a future that surpasses traditional notions of a co-working space. We envision nurturing an ecosystem that encourages creativity, fosters growth, and preserves the balance between work and life.

We're building a community of mindful entrepreneurs and creators. These are individuals who are not just innovating in their respective fields, but also understand the transformative power of blending mindfulness and spirituality into their work dynamics. Our vision is to catalyze a fundamental shift in business practices, driving them towards a more conscious and sustainable model.

We believe in a collective approach, where each member brings their unique knowledge and skills to the table. Egos are set aside as we focus on our shared goal of mutual upliftment. At SoulToSoul, we're not just co-workers, we're a collective of like-minded individuals committed to fostering a more mindful future.

As we stride towards this grand vision, we do so with deliberate and mindful steps. Our ambition is in sync with the rhythm of the universe, and our journey is one of conscious and thoughtful progression. We hold a deep respect for the world we inhabit, striving to preserve its integrity as we move forward.

We are SoulToSoul, carving a mindful path towards a new era of conscious entrepreneurship. Together, we support each other in our endeavor to generate a meaningful, positive impact on the world around us. Our vision is not just about fostering a space for work; it's about shaping an enlightened future for business, together.

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